About BC Leather Works

BC Leather Works is located in Oliver British Columbia, Canada. We produce quality custom leather products and do Shoe and Leather repairs .

As I was growing up I remember going with my dad to his shop in Kerrisdale, Vancouver as he was working I would play climbing in and around the chairs and foot stools that lined the wall for people to sit and wait for there shoes to be repaired. As years went by I went from climbing through the chairs to shinning shoes while customers were waiting and learning how to repair & dying shoes back in those days Ladies had satin shoes that they would change colours. Over the years I would work after school and on weekends working along side may dad.

 In 1969 I met Barb my wife and in 1970 got married. In the early 70's we sold hand crafted belts to the Hudsons Bay in downtown Vancouver. 

In the later 70's we moved to 100 Mile House, BC and operated a shoe repair & leather working business for a number of years.

From there we moved to Oliver, BC not knowing what I would be doing. Just happened that there was a shoe repair that was looking for someone to do repairs. After 1 1/2 years the owner wanted to cease doing repairs and offered the equipment to us. Barb and I talked it over and Realizing what a gift My Father had passed onto me and that it was something we could do into our Golden Years Barb bought me the equipment we started the shoe repair business.

I have heared Barb saying to others it is nice to hear me whistling while I work.